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Bas Kosters at Rademakers Gallery

Posted on: October 6, 2016 - Posted in: events
Chamber of Internationally Sensitve Matters
Today Will Be A Great Day

With pride I would like to inform you that I will be represented by Rademakers Gallery as their new artist. As a kick off of our colaboration, I will be presenting my work in their Golden Chamber. Under the tittle "Chamber of Internationally Sensitve Matters" I will be presenting a selection of new works. With a mix of tapestries, drawings and soft sculptures, this will be my first sales exhibition. 
I am happy to be moving forward with my art and this new side of my work. Together with the gallery, I want to present this more autonomous side of the world of Bas Kosters to a national and international audience.
Five new series will be presented.

Gentle Communication
Series of sensitive pen drawings pinpointing out connectness through an overload of sensory madness, made with blue ink on treasured paper.

The Communiacation Tapestries
A series of intimate and thoughtfully made tapestries with cellphone themes portraits hand stitched in Holland and made of carefully selected materials.

Internationally Sad
What does sadness look like? An intimate presence of sadness in an enthusiastic tone that shows that one thing that makes us alike is that our tears are all the same

We Are International
Can we overcome the barriers between our races by adopting one antoher's colors? Could we become a human chameleon? A potpourri of skin toned body parts? These "We Are International" soft sculptures are one of a kind friends embodying a wish for equality and integration.

All Grown Up 
The Bas Kosters pink figure is no longer a child. Step into the world of the Bas Kosters iconic pink guy sharing his daily state of mind with you.
Much love,

Event Date & Time: 
8 October, 2016 (All day) - 20 November, 2016 (All day)
Event Location: 
Gallery Rademakers | KNSM-Laan 291 | 1019 LE Amsterdam
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