Biography Bas Kosters

The Studio
Bas Kosters Studio was established in 2005 as a place to accommodate the various activities that I’ve undertaken as an independent designer and artist since my graduation in 2003. Over the years, the focus of my business has crystallized to working on my fashion collections and fashion related projects. 
The world of Bas Kosters
The main activity of the studio is storytelling with fashion as a language, which is the way I distinguish myself with my label within the large group of (fashion) designers. My goal is to create a body of work, a future history. Each new collection or other expression is an addition to the book about the world of Bas Kosters. All proprietary image elements, techniques, figures, stories and models are interconnected, allowing my work to grow organically, becoming layered and multidisciplinary in its totality.
The Bas Kosters Studio is actually like a human, with a carefully curated character. The studio has two distinct faces, warning about alarming social issues by means of dark humor on the one hand, while trying to create enthusiasm and happiness on the other hand. This friendly and positive side I include in my various collaborations with commercial partners.

The Bas Kosters Studio focuses on releasing two fashion collections a year, and collaborating with other companies. All other activities I undertake as an artist are associated with the fashion core of my business and strengthen or support the brand perception of my clients and the nature of the "Bas Kosters" label.

From a specific question, or the history of a company, I develop products, in which I work with 360 vision. Through a process of consultation and concept development I include additional factors from the disciplines the Bas Kosters Studio is skilled in. The main partners with whom I developed such collaborations are: Bugaboo, Zeeman and Heineken.

Each collection is developed from a concept and includes ready-to-wear items for men and women and a range of statement pieces. At the presentation, all facets of the show are adjusted to the concept of the collection. The presentation is supported with music, models, performance, light, decor and styling, that I arrange as an art director to reinforce the message.

The clothing acts as a carrier for exclusive designs made in different techniques. The image parts for these designs are made by hand through illustration, photo collage, embroidery and making and photographing textile objects like dolls.

The world of Bas Kosters Studio consists of a number of different disciplines that match the fashion collections that I present, and reinforce the stories I want to tell.
The disciplines I work with include:
- Graphic design
- Illustrations
- Magazine production: "Extra Kak"
- Doll making
- Jewelry Design
- Collaborations with producers (not fashion-related) on consumer products in the field of product design development
- Installations including presentations in museums and galleries
- Performances such as:
o own performance the "Superior experience"
o live painting performances
o appearances as DJ Duo "Fashion Pack Heart DJ & DJ Kosters"
- Organization "Anti Fashion Party"